Thanksgiving Weekend Wines – Zinfandels

I am sure I will post a number of tasting notes on zinfandel here on Brewer Square.  Jackie and I belong to a number of zinfandel wine clubs and consider them our house wines.  The first club we joined was Stryker Sonoma and have added many more.  Our tastes lean from big and ripe to layered and complex.  The flavors that the current crop of winemakers in California achieve have elevated the grape to new status.  Enough of my babble, on to the weekend wines:

2007 Turley Old Vines – Popped and poured, initial flavors of jam and black fruits with a touch of heat.  By the second glass the wine opened up and the heat blew off.  Not as complex as some of the single vineyard Turley’s but mighty tasty.  Good way to start the weekend.

2007 Biale Monte Rosso – Decanted for an hour.  Blackberry, brambles and spice.  Biale makes some of our favorite zins and this Monte Rosso is one of my favorites.  Glad I have a few more in the cellar.

2006 Carlisle Pietro’s Ranch – Big fan of Carlisle wines.  Met Mike Officer five years ago and have been buying off his list ever since.  Decanted for two hours.  Dark fruits and peppery spice.  Not as big as some of Mike’s zins, more subtle and layered.

2008 Martinelli Vellutini Ranch – Also big fans of Martinelli wines.  Love the Jackass Hill and vineyard wines but had not tried this one yet.  I understand the Vellutini vineyard is adjacent to both Jackass vineyards and was planted with bud wood from Jackass Hill.  Gave this a three hour decant.  Wow is this good.  Lots of that Martinelli kirsch with red fruits and spice.  Look forward to trying this one again.


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